Your Top Five Questions About Selling Online Answered

Got questions about selling online? Find answers here

Tochukwu Anene
Growth Marketing Manager, Industry Ecosystems
Jun 06, 2021 3 minutes, 24 seconds read
Tochukwu Anene
Growth Marketing Manager, Industry Ecosystems
Jun 06, 2021 3 minutes, 24 seconds read

For many business owners, selling online is a new terrain they are embracing to survive these times. To help you find your feet quickly and maximize the world of opportunities you have been thrust into, below are answers to the top five questions business owners have sent our way in recent times.

- Do I need a website to sell online?

Not necessarily. While a website is a nice-to-have and something to put on your expansion list, you do not have to get one right away. Getting a website can be capital and time-intensive, which may not align with your immediate business realities. You can begin your online sales from your social media handles or create a simple landing page using any of the software available online.

Thankfully, you can now get paid online without a website. Our all new-business solution allows you to create sharable payment links that are unique to your business, empowering you to receive payments from anywhere, via any channel. If you have a website already, that’s easy too. Enable it for payment by integrating our payment gateway free of charge via the integration option that suits you

- How will customers find me?

Getting customers online is similar to getting customers offline- you have to put yourself out there. The key is to keep talking about the goods and services you offer on your active social media platform. You can also explore digital advertising. With small amounts of money, you can promote posts and reach more people. You can also firm up business deals quickly by sharing a digital invoice that can be generated on the go from Quickteller Business.

- Will I retain my current customers?

Yes, you can migrate your current customers online as well. The key is to locate them on social media and inform them of your presence and availability to serve them. If your business is structured, devising a means to collate the email addresses or phone numbers of your existing customers is a smart move to consider. That way, you can send them messages consistently, informing them of new stock and directing them through the purchase process. You can access purchase patterns, customer insights, and industry trends on Quickteller Business, which will help you to remarket or cross-sell your offering.

- Will my overhead cost increase?

No, it is likely to decrease. Especially if you sign up for a comprehensive business platform like Quickteller Business, you will be able to monitor and manage costs better. In addition to 100% visibility of your income and expenses, the platform provides you with an easy-to-use interface to manage interactions and collaborations with third-party suppliers like distributors, vendors, and delivery agencies. You can also fast-track payments from your debtors by sending them a digital invoice that clearly states the outstanding amount, expected payment date, and an integrated payment link via which they can pay. If you sign up this month, you can take advantage of the available three months zero transaction fee offer to save costs on bank charges.

- Do I need a new bank account?

No, you do not. Your existing bank accounts are all you need, even if you have more than one business. You can split your revenue into different accounts without the hassle of manually transferring from bank to bank and power all your businesses with one Quickteller account, creating invoices, splitting payments, and tracking revenue for all your businesses without breaking a sweat. Quickteller Business gives you better control of your business, giving you a clear view of your finances from your customizable dashboard.
Now that you know how easy selling online can be, it’s time to take the first step towards stress-free and blissful digital business management.
Sign up to our all-inclusive business platform, create a free Quickteller Business account today, and enjoy three months of zero transaction fees.

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