Interswitch Bill Payments is a service offering provided to various institutions to facilitate the ease of payment of bills aggregated by Interswitch and delivered via a number of platforms including ATM, POS and Mobile.

With this Bill Pay service institutions benefit from:

  • Auto-payment updating
  • Clear and rapid account reconciliation
  • Negligible fraud as payments are validated online
  • Zero cheque returns
  • Lower transaction costs compared with cheque, credit and cash processing
  • Reduction in reconciliation costs
  • Highly satisfied customers
  • Country wide footprint of ‘payment’ points


Customers benefit from:

  • Paying whenever, wherever at all PesaPoint ATMs & POS terminals
  • One-stop service delivery pay all bills at one location
  • Flexibility to pay with a bank card at the ATM or bank card / cash at the POS
  • No more travelling and queuing
  • Receipt for payment, clearly referenced
  • No disconnection due to non delivery of cheques