Mission & Values
We exist to create social, environmental and economic value by facilitating trade through intuitive forms exchange of value that are secure, convenient and consistent.

We want to become the market leader with unsurpassed insight and highest ability to execute and deliver results in Africa by 2020.

Core Values
Some core values are dear to us. These distinct but mutually reinforcing values drive the culture at Interswitch.

- Innovation
We are committed to finding better ways of doing business every day. We believe in adaptive and multi-focus thinking. We embrace change for the growth opportunities it brings.

- Customer Success
We aim to create enjoyable experiences for our customers. We focus on solutions that advance growth and reduce operational costs.

- Individual and Team Efficiency
We operate in an environment of trust and collaboration. We reward improvements inspired by individual ingenuity, and celebrate positive results brought about by team effort.

- Ethical Conduct
We are reasonable professionals who believe honesty, integrity and fair play is key to delivering sustainable benefits to our stakeholders.