What we do

Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services Limited has been positioned to serve as the interconnect point and infrastructure for integrating and delivering electronic payment services to the unbanked, under-banked and banked. We work with financial service providers, merchants, billers, and other organizations that aim to increase their efficiency and outreach through our network of human service interfaces for secure financial transactions nationwide.

Mission statement

To serve as a catalyst for creating opportunities with capabilities to empower and transform the Lives of ordinary people and businesses through the seamless exchange of value leveraging a secure and trusted Agent network.

Vision statement

To be the market leader in agency footprint, with the best partnering framework for corporates and the highest execution ability in the financial inclusion sub-sector of the electronic payment industry in Nigeria by 2020.

Our expertise

  • Build and Manage  Agent transaction Switching and Payment Processing Network with Absolute Availability.
  • Develop and Deploy Payment Products And Services of Absolute Value.
  • Conceptualize and Operate Multi-Tenancy Agent Schemes that guarantee Absolute Interoperability.
  • Design and Implement  Payment Systems and Technologies that drive Absolute Performance.
  • Manage and Operate Customer  Devices and Touchpoints that guarantee Absolute Experience.
  • Conceptualize and Integrate Industry Vertical Solutions that ensures Absolute Service.


The opportunities

Commercial Banks seeking to extend their financial services into new markets

Mobile Money Operators seeking to create new customers from the banked, under-banked and unbanked market segments

Microfinance Banks seeking to leverage low-cost channels to distribute their financial services

Mobile Network Operators & Corporates seeking to distribute products & service into new markets