When used properly, technology integration can take a business from good to great.

At Interswitch, we provide secure and uninterrupted information technology solutions across a variety of payment channels, including Point of Sale Terminals (POS) and ATMs. This helps you to reduce costs, increase revenues, tighten security, expand product offerings and improve service.

Our offering includes:

  • Direct driving and monitoring (including states and screens)
  • Transaction routing and switching
  • Remote key development
  • Value-added services (bill payments, funds transfers, virtual top-up)
  • Management information and reporting

Specialised Security Solutions

By partnering with leading organisations such as Stratus, Cisco, Thales and Gemalto, we deliver specialised security solutions that help organisations achieve reliability and resilience tailored to meet the needs of their local environment.

Our direct connection with leading banks and other international payment platforms ensures that customers of financial institutions have secure, uninterrupted access to all the ATMs on the Interswitch network regardless of ownership and location.

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