Fraud Management

As with any business, fraud is a very real threat that can cause considerable harm to your organisation.

However, with the right tools and precautions in place, you can successfully fend off these attempts at fraudulent activity.

Scorebridge is an innovative fraud management system that enables your organisation to detect the risk and probability of a fraud for Electronic Financial Transaction (EFT) messages. The process uses predefined Artificial Intelligence (Scores) and business rules to determine if a potentially fraudulent transaction should be placed into a queue, sent to an automated contact or declined.

Scorebridge offers the following functionality:

  • Artificial Intelligence Real-Time Scoring and Decline
  • Score Control
  • Case Management
  • Rule-Based Fraud Detection
  • Reports
  • Outbound integration to external systems for SMS, Email and Text to Voice IVR


Protect your organisation from fraud with two major modules:

Card EFT Fraud Management:

The Card EFT Fraud Management module is a fraud, risk and compliance monitoring system that targets card-based Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT). It provides a real-time rules engine and an innovative approach to Artificial Intelligence (Scores) that offers a level of control and visibility you won’t find in any other system in the market.

eBanking Fraud Management:

The eBanking Fraud Management module protects against internet and mobile banking fraud exposure, where vulnerabilities in the use of tokens to authenticate users is exploited using social engineering, man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks. This module of Scorebridge uses risk-based authentication using device recognition and IP Intelligence technologies to create browser signatures for each user and determine high-risk transaction requests.