Platforms / eCommerce

Make payments easier with these 3 internet payment options from Interswitch:


1. Webpaydirect
Webpaydirect is an easy-to-use online payment gateway that integrates directly into your website. Our system then provides detailed reporting aligned to your specifications and needs. In this way, you get real-time updates on who made the payment, which bank account they paid into and how much was paid from anywhere in the world.

2. WebPay
Webpay integrates directly into your website and enables funds to be paid into your account. However, no detailed reporting is providedPaydirect - Web (without reporting) provides information on cash deposits, making it an ideal solution for small or medium-sized businesses.

3. Quickteller for Business 

If you are a Small or Medium sized business and you will like to expand your reach, listing your business on quickteller guarantees this advantage.

Listing your business on Quickteller makes it possible to receive payments on the ATM, WEB and MOBILE. It is a rare chance to reach a wider audience than you can ever imagine.

To get started, send an email with your name, phone number and company details to