Make Easy Payments
​With Verve

Enjoy easy access, great benefits and secure payments at your fingertips.

Verve is a pan-African chip + PIN payment card that offers issuers, cardholders and organisations comprehensive payment card products and solutions. Not only is Verve the first chip card accepted across all payment channels in Nigeria, it can also be used in over 185 countries across the globe.

Verve features

  • Over 15 million tokens in circulation in Nigeria (more than any other payment card brand)
  • Access to over 100 600 Point of Sale terminals, 11 000 ATMs and over 1000 online merchants
  • Unique value-added services, including loyalty and rewards at specific merchant 
  • Issued as a debit, prepaid and payment card
  • Advanced biometric features including fingerprint, face and voice recognition for added security
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