Verve Rewards comprises various loyalty schemes with the sole aim of giving back to our loyal customers. It is a service powered by Verve and supported by various Reward Partners.

This service provides instant rewards to customers who use their Verve Cards at any of our Reward Partner stores or websites where the Verve Reward scheme is enabled.

Verve Rewards available, range from Money back (called Reward Money), Instant DiscountsSweepstakes,Vouchers etc.

Money back is available to every Verve cardholder and gives you the opportunity to accumulate this money back as Reward Money each time your Verve card is used at Reward Partners.

Get your Money back every time you spend

Money back (Reward Money) is earned when a Verve cardholder makes payments for goods at Verve Rewards enabled merchant locations either via WEB or POS terminals. Reward Money also known as “RM” notifications are included on the receipt printout for POS terminal transactions or can be viewed on This can be done as often as possible as Reward Money keeps accumulating as you spend.

Spend your money back as Reward Money

All monies earned from all Merchant Partner stores are accumulated for the cardholder and can be spent in one of the following ways: