Switch to convenient ticket sales and bookings with WebPayDirect.

Our efficient solution for the aviation industry allows airlines to collect, disburse, monitor and reconcile payments online in real time. Not only does this drastically improve e-ticket processes and reduce costs, it also makes payment available to a much wider customer base. Now, travel agents and individuals can book and pay for their air tickets remotely using channels such as mobile phones, bank branches, online and kiosks.

Case Study

One of our clients in the aviation industry wanted a convenient e-ticketing solution for customers, while also allowing the airline to track its cash flow across several banks for easy access to funds.

Our WebPayDirect solution provided stakeholders in the aviation industry with a payment tracking and reporting capability that allows them to manage, reconcile and capture payments made by their customers into their various bank accounts. It also provided their customers with the convenience of making payments for tickets anywhere, anytime.