Streamlined processes, proper citizen identification, transparency and accountability are essential to running an effective government. But these aspects can be difficult to manage without the right systems in place.

Switch to SmartGov

Our SmartGov solution is specially designed to help governments increase their internally generated revenues, provide citizen ID cards, and ensure accountability by automating internal processes.

With Interswitch SmartGov in place, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) can collect, disburse, monitor and reconcile funds without even leaving their desks. This cuts down significantly on bureaucratic processes, while also increasing the security of transactions at the same time.

Citizens can pay through various channels such as ATMs, point of sale, mobile phones, bank branches, online and at kiosks. They will also immediately receive a receipt for their records.

My City Smartcard

This smart ID card is the future of interactions between governments and their citizens.

The Verve payment card combines biometric identification and payment technology that allows state governments to automate processes, eliminate leakage and improve accountability for a broad range of transactions and government services.

My City Smartcard automates and streamlines the following:

  • Revenue collections
  • Salary payments for civil servants, contractor payments and more
  • Education, transportation and identification schemes
  • Social benefits, pensions, healthcare, education and other entitlements
  • Criminal justice programmes

Case Study

A state government in our client portfolio wanted to increase and improve its internally generated revenue processes, as well as create accountability and transparency in government activities. They also required a reliable way to identify citizens.

Through SmartGov, the state’s internally generated revenue processes were automated with several payment methods and channels made available. The state now issues biometric smartcards to its citizens. These serve as both an identity and payment card thereby ensuring accountability in government activities.