At Interswitch, we continuously identify opportunities to introduce innovative solutions that help organizations optimize their operations and payments. This has resulted in our newest industry vertical area focusing on churches and religious organizations.

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There are 2 variants of Interswitch Church Solutions, outlined below:

  • Collections for Churches: Payment Integration for multi-channel collections: For more enquiries please call  0700-9065000 or email corporatesupport@interswitchgroup.com

  • Customized church mobile app with payment & USSD for churches: For more enquiries or subscription to this, please call 0700-9065000 or email corporatesupport@interswitchgroup.com

  • Asoriba Enterprise resource planning(ERP) Solution with payment for churches: This Software-as-a-service (SaaS) version solution enables you to manage your church administration, membership, communication, finances and payments more seamlessly. Click here to get started