The Interswitch solution for the retail industry allows merchants to accept and manage cash, cheque and card payments from their customers.

The Interswitch solution also enables merchants monitor and analyse their sales, manage operation activities and product inventory from anywhere in the world. They can track product and supply stock from multiple outlets through a single view online.

Case Study

A client in the Quick Service Restaurant sector of the retail industry wanted a retail management solution that would allow its customers make payment using various modes of payment, reduce cash and product pilferage and reduce operational cost across its outlets. 

Interswitch’s RetailPay solution helps businesses in the retail industry increase revenue through its multiple payment acceptance function, increase operational accountability through multi-tier inventory management and monitor activities across numerous outlets with its centralized online monitoring system.

With the adoption of RetailPay by the client, the client can now accept multiple payments options such as cash, card and cheque from its customers. The client can now effectively monitor its various outlets both locally and internationally from the comfort of their office.