Sector: Aviation

Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited is an aviation terminal administrator operating under a concessionary agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria to build, operate and manage a world class standard airport  for an agreed range of years and handover to the government after the expiration the agreed terms.

Business challenge

To accomplish the foregoing objectives, a world class, automated self-service parking system was required at the new MMA2 airport terminal, Nigeria’s flagship and busiest local airport terminal (managed by BASL), with a view to facilitating an efficient, seamless, conducive and profitable vehicular traffic management solution (integrating payments) to all the terminal users in particular and other interested party across the busy terminal terrain.

Before the advent of automated parking logics'/solution, under listed were the major operational challenges that affected users’ experience at the airport

  • Revenue leakages:
  • Slow turn-around-time
  • Reconciliation issues
  • Daily/shift closure in-balancing 
  • Poor records keeping/Management
  • Reporting

The Solution

Interswitch emerged the preferred partner for this, via implementation of the Interswitch Transport Solution, an integral element of our visionary multichannel urban transportation management framework - SmartMove. For the MMA2 airport terminal, this was implemented in the form of a fully automated multi-storey car park management system which utilizes payment cards, the first of its kind in Nigeria.

The solution employs Interswitch’s contactless card variant, which provides users with quick and easy payment across car parks, intra-city mass transit and toll roads, among other channels. The implementation was done in conjunction with Skidata, Interswitch’s technical partners.

According to BASL, “The deployment of Interswitch’s transport solution at the MMA2 car park provides our customers with a convenient payment solution and allows our car park managers to continuously monitor parking operations to ensure we are providing the very best service that we can. In terms of revenue collection and business process, Interswitch’s solution has significantly guaranteed our revenue collections both in units and values. All access in and off the parking premises has been made very easy and user friendly. Interswitch continues to work closely with BASL to optimize and refine the solution.