Interswitch Expands Presence in Health-Tech Space Through Acq...

Interswitch Limited, a leading technology-driven company focused on the digitization of payments in Nigeria and other African countries is pleased to announce the acquisition of eClat Healthcare Limited, a Nigeria-based health technology company that aims to improve healthcare delivery in Africa.

Oct 30, 2019

There are at least three types of pressure.

There's pressure that comes from situations beyond your control. Like that boss from hell that expects you to respond to their mail immediately on a Saturday night. Or the landlord who does not understand boundaries and personal space. This type requires you to take tough decisions, like upgrading your skills so you can get another job or investing consistently so you can become a landlord yourself.

There's another type of pressure that comes from not having enough money to pay bills, keep your family entertained, renew your subscriptions, and stay connected. The solution to this one is easier, you can get a loan in 5 minutes or less.

The third type of pressure comes from within; it is typically triggered by watching other people live what appears to be a better life. This is the type of pressure that makes you ask- God when?

Could be a photoshoot you stumble on that makes you feel like your days of being fresh are over or a post of your secondary school best friend and deliciously-ripped husband that suddenly saps up all the happiness you thought you had in your relationship. You are also likely to experience this type of pressure if you stumble on posts of people gifting other people Ferraris for no special reason, just before you climb into your faithful 1998 model Corolla.

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