Interswitch Energy puts you firmly in control of your business, digitizing all operations and engagements with key customer segments, and optimizing every aspect of managing a profitable oil and gas business.

By digitizing operations across all your retail outlets, Interswitch Energy empowers you with a transparent central system that provides the following:

Visibility into sales operations

Log in from wherever you are and enjoy a 360-degree view of all sales operations across all your outlets nationwide.

Remote management of forecourt operations

Manage each pump across all your outlets and every aspect of your forecourt operations without leaving your current location.

ePayment options for customers

Give your customers the convenience and freedom to pay via their preferred channel at any of your outlets.

Seamless tracking of wet stock across retail outlets

Track your inventory and monitor your wet stock management effectively across all your outlets.

Reporting and analytics

Access the information you need for business decisions via comprehensive reports and analytics delivered in real time.

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