Making lending profitable for you

Loans can be a huge source of income, but they can also be a huge potential trap, beguiled by highly impactful issues such as;

In-efficient risk evaluation mechanisms

In-efficient disbursement mechanisms

In-efficient recovery and payback mechanisms

Targeted customer acquisition routes

Inadequate identity verification infrastructure

Interswitch, backed with access to the relevant information and connections is positioned to solve these problems and making lending profitable for you again.

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Quick loans on demand

Now, you can enable your customers to get quick loans and pay back, wherever they are, on the channels they already use; like their mobile banking apps and ATM terminals. They can even go to most stores and get avloan from the merchant's POS terminal. Funds up to N200,000 can be received instantly without any repayment challenge.

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What we bring to the Table

Here's why you choose us for your lending solutions

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Customer risk evaluation

13+ years of transaction history data with which risk evaluation can be enriched

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Account Validation

A seamless API & processes for validating account holder identity

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Multi-channel disbursement

A seamless API for disbursement of value to bank accounts and prepaid cards

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Direct loan recovery

A seamless API & processes for loan recovery from account & cardholders

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Wider reach

Ability to directly target approx. 2M ATM users per month with credit offers

Transaction revenue can earn you a share of up to 2%

With Interswitch Lending Services, you can provide this added value to your customers at no implementation costs.

Even, better, you receive as much as a 2% share of the transaction revenue. Simplify your lending service to access more people and generate more revenue. Partner with Interswitch lending services.

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